We are following the government’s and our regulatory bodies’ recommendations to provide care in a safe, regulated manner. To protect you, this is what you can expect and what is requested from you when you come to the clinic.

  1. We will be booking fewer appointments to ensure social distancing and to allow extra sanitation to be applied to all contact surfaces.
  2. Please do not enter the office early for your appointment. We ask that you wait in your vehicle until 2-3 minutes before your scheduled time or when we wave you in. 
  3. We will be wearing a mask.  It is mandatory that you wear a mask for massage appointments. It is suggested, but not mandatory, for you to wear one for chiropractic treatments. Please bring your own if you have one.
  4. There is hand sanitizer throughout the clinic for your use.
  5. You will notice that all soft surfaces such as magazines, brochures, toys, water cups have been removed to avoid contamination.
  6. We ask that only the individuals getting treated enter the clinic to ensure social distancing.
  7. All waiting room chairs are spaced 6 feet apart to ensure social distancing.  
  8. Covid-19 screening will be mandatory prior to every appointment. 
  9. You can have your receipt emailed to you to avoid the handling of paper.

Stay healthy, be safe!  We look forward to treating you and your family again.


Dr. Trisha, Stacie and Tracey